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Meet Negin. She has run a traditional Human Resources organization for more than 20 years. Feedback from hiring managers is that the current hiring process takes 6-12 weeks from interview to onboarding and they are frustrated. Frustrated with the red tape, the length of the process, and losing the good candidates.

If this sounds familiar, we have curated the best content from across the Business Agility Library for you. In these videos, case studies, and articles, you’ll learn how to thrive in an unpredictable and uncertain market. You’ll understand that your workforce is the key to business agility, and you’re the key to your workforce.

Learning More

This playlist will go deeper into HR techniques and tools to develop business agility across your organisation.

Future Steps

What do advanced organisations do? This playlist will share more insights, techniques and tools to advance your organisation.

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Thanks to Myles Hopkins for designing this playlist. We could not operate without the fantastic support and thought-leadership of our volunteers like Myles. These people are leaders in their fields who believe in our mission and what we are trying to achieve.

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