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Corporate Programs

Take the next steps towards greater excellence in business agility.  We offer programs for companies on the business agility journey with their organization and for companies who support them through consulting, coaching & training on business agility.

Individual Programs

Join a community of practice and learning in support of your work in business agility. Share your expertise with others.  Investigate an emerging topic of interest.  Connect with other professionals. We offer meetups, online roundtables, and regional chapters.

BAI Library

Check out the Business Agility Library with hundreds of articles, case studies, research reports, and videos.  As a fiercely independent research and publication organization, BAI actively curates content to answer the tough questions, guide decision-making, and celebrate success.

Get Certified

Business Agility Profile™

The Business Agility Profile is an independent, detailed snapshot of your business agility capabilities and behaviors across your organization. 


With the Business Agility Profile, you will

  • understand where your organization is on its business agility journey today. 
  • see how your organization compares versus a benchmark of 1300+ other companies  
  • understand the most important next steps to further develop your organization's business agility


Eligible organizations will be awarded the status of Certified Agile Organization™.

Business Mentorship

Mentorship is an exclusive benefit for our premium journey members. Business Agility Institute® leaders will set aside regular time to provide you with independent and unbiased guidance and advice about the journey ahead of you and the challenges you are facing. 


Roundtables at the Business Agility Institute® are facilitated, open conversations designed to explore a specific topic in business agility.  

Leadership Briefings

Invite a Business Agility Institute® thought-leader into your organization for a short briefing or seminar with senior leaders and executives to discuss business agility, the journey ahead of them, and the business benefits it brings.

Corporate Membership has its advantages

Become part of a global network of companies, researchers, and practitioners on a quest to thrive in the midst of change and disruption through greater agility.

Are you on the journey?

Companies initiating, leading or sustaining progress towards business agility excellence for their organization.

Do you help others?

Consultancies, coaching, training, and tooling companies supporting the business agility of journey companies.

BAI is a committed advocate for the potential of business agility to radically improve the world of work for everyone.  Contact us to explore how we might share the why and what of business agility with your group.