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Agile HR with Pia Maria

RH Ágil com Pia Maria

June 11, 2021


NOTE: The introduction to this video is in Portuguese. The interview in English starts at 10:13.


Welcome to an interactive session where we'll cover what HR leaders and managers need to be aware of when adjusting their ways of working to the new paradigm of employee-oriented organizations (self-management) and how to get people to go in a certain direction without using power formal.

In an agile organization, it's more about enabling teams to self-organize in an agile reality, unlocking human potential and optimizing performance in a complex and agile world. You unlock human potential by getting to know your employees deeply and taking the time to understand what would drive them in the direction that is best for the organization.

Leadership practices need to be adjusted to the new paradigm of employee-led organizations and will be more about creating prerequisites for innovation in infrastructure, culture, processes and systems than providing strict rules and policies and enforcing them .

Employee motivation is made possible with less control, transparent visualization, confidence and continuous improvement, along with a deep understanding of what motivates each employee.

  • Agile Leadership and HR - what is it?
  • Human Theory X and Y
  • Self-organized teams for optimal performance and engagement
  • Motivation - How Discovering Inner Motives Can Help You Boost Performance and Create Psychological Safety
  • Agile performance, learning, recruiting and compensation - what is the difference from traditional HR processes?
  • Agile, learning and psychological safety - what do they have in common?


About Pia-Maria

Pia-Maria is the author of Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR and Managers and the founder of Agile People. Agile People is a global network of people working to improve the workplace, helping HR and leaders achieve an agile mindset for the future of work using agile tools, methods, values ​​and principles.

Pia-Maria specializes in helping companies move towards a culture of greater agility through Agile HR, Agile leadership and Motivation.

Its main focus is to contribute to the creation of organizations where people perform better and feel engaged. Its main motivation is to see the movement from one state to another in a company, contributing to the success of this change from both a financial and a human point of view.

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