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From Hiring for Culture to Employees Engagement. What is the research saying to us?

From Hiring for Culture to Employees Engagement. What is the research saying to us? Stavros Papadeas

Stavros Papadeas

June 10, 2021


Hiring and Engagement are key moments in constructing the culture of any organization. New employees bring their personalities, emotions, and habits with them, just as much as their skills and experience, and inevitably influence the company environment. And the organizations that succeed now and into the future will be those that attract, retain and inspire the best talent with the skillset suited to this new landscape. Therefore, organizations should prioritize Hiring for Culture & Employee Engagement, embedding them as key pillars in their strategic planning goals.

This talk will examine general steps and programs that may help boost engagement, present an overview of the many drivers that can impact engagement and discuss techniques to develop engagement strategies. Also, we will have a careful look on frameworks for assessing organizational culture and for determining cultural goals, as well as tools that facilitate hiring for culture.

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