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Holacracy for Humans - Decentralised Leadership in Practice

Holacracy for Humans - Decentralised Leadership in Practice by Sandy Mamoli

Sandy Mamoli

September 22, 2019

”Every time the size of a city doubles, innovation and productivity per resident increase by 15 percent. But when companies get bigger, innovation and productivity per employee generally go down.” —Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.

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Snapper, a New Zealand based transport ticketing service provider, wanted to be more like a city, and less like a bureaucratic corporation. In a city, people and businesses are self- organising.

In 2016 things were already going well. There was a culture of collaboration and respect, and a true passion for transport. People were respected and in control of how they worked. But the company had an eye on the future and knew there were challenges ahead.

Snapper foresaw success and growth – and were well aware of the pitfalls involved in scaling up. So they wanted a foundation that would let them add people without adding pain. They were drawn to Holacracy by its promise of better collaboration, radical transparency, decision making at the right level, and dynamic organisation.

About Sandy


I am an Agile consultant and coach with a focus on organisational culture and leadership. From working with global enterprises in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen to being one of New Zealand’s leading coaches, I bring my practical flair and passionate advocacy for all things Agile to businesses around the world. I work with a wide range of organisations and help them create an environment conducive to high performance and creativity. I specialise in teams outside of technology, predominantly business and leadership teams. I am a former Olympian, an international keynote speaker and author of „Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel“.

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