Marketing Agility Symposium videos

Last Thursday we held the Marketing Agility Symposium. Jim Ewel (President & Founder @, Marina Siminova (Co-Founder @ University of Business Agility) and Kristin​ ​Kelley (Chief Marketing Officer @ Randstad North America) joined us to share their stories and insights. The video’s from this session are below.

Jim Ewel | Creating Role and Project Clarity at T-Mobile
T-Mobile is is the midst of an Agile transformation. As they move to cross-functional teams and Agile projects, they’ve found it helpful to get real clarity around people’s roles as well as clarity about the scope and goals of newly established Agile projects. Jim will describe a couple of techniques that they’ve used to clarify and communicate roles, as well as what they’ve done to provide project clarity.

Kristen Kelley | Why Agile Why Now
The road we walked that led us to determine we needed a new way of working two years ago. The good, the bad and the ugly that brought Randstad’s marketing team to this critical decision point.

Marina Siminova | Why Agile in Sales
Agile is much more than just a way to increase profits. It’s a whole new way of thinking. In this talk, Marina will examine why Agile in sales is important and describe seven steps to building an agile sales team. Throughout she will be sharing her personal experiences.

Finally, I’ve the created a short video of the conversation about agile tools.

If you missed part of the Symposium, or would like to watch the deepdives from the alternate timezone, here is the complete symposium: US timezone deepdive starts at: 42:50. The Australian timezone deepdive starts at 1:01:25.


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