Business Agility Meetup South Korea

BAM South Korea represents those professionals in South Korea, such as corporate executives, industry practitioners and academics, who are interested in business agility concepts, models, and theories and would like to apply them in their work , to share their experience with other members, to contribute in the development of business agility.


Outreach approach

Quarterly and ad-hoc gatherings, presentations, seminars. Combined with an annual conference.

Target audience

Industry practitioners, consultants, corporate executives, and training providers who work in the IT, Telecommunication, and R&D industries.

Business Agility Meetup Leaders

  • Shawn Seung-Chul Kim, Dr.
  • Seong Kyoon Mok, Mr.
  • Jess Jeong-Soo Kim, Dr.
  • Minjeong Oh, Dr.
  • Ayeon Lee, Dr.
  • Seung Ki Kim, Dr.

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