BAM Leader Resource Center

Being the leader of a BAM can be enriching, fulfilling, challenging, frustrating–sometimes all at once! As community leaders, we believe that we can create valuable connections & communities by bringing individuals together through high-value, educational, interactive and enjoyable events. In a world of instant connections and digital communication, in-person community is endlessly valuable–and it might be just the thing you need to take your agile transformation to the next level.

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Other Helpful Resources:

Best practices for Meetup organizers: While we (BAI) take care of many of the details for you–such as getting your meetup posted online–these are some helpful tips which may help to introduce newfound energy into your BAM. Learn more.

Why diversity matters: The beauty of a meetup is that each person in attendance shares a common interest in business agility. Leveraging the diversity outside of that in your meetup leads to greater insights, more discoveries, and a more well-rounded understanding of how business agility functions in the real world. Learn more. 

What Makes Community Last? There are a lot of ways you can deepen your relationships and elevate your community. Learn more.

Why Inclusivity is Important for Meetups: This article discusses the importance of inclusivity in professional groups and conferences–and why it could be a gamechanger for your BAM. Learn more.

Easy ways to welcome new people: It can be intimidating for a newcomer to attend an established group. Here are a few tips to help welcome new visitors. Learn more.