Business Agility MX

Mexico BAMBAM MX is a brand new community looking to bring Agile values and principles to Mexican businesses and other spanish speaking regions, to build awareness of the need to change business minds in order to be more apt to succeed in a VUCA business environment.


BAM Outreach approach

We will start conducting webinars by the founders however we will look for and allow people who is interested and willing to share, to participate as guest speakers. We also will be offering Agile Business Coffee nights in an office space we can get at no cost at the beginning.

Several of us, the founders have years of volunteer experience with PMI, Toastmasters and other organisations, we all are agile minded professionals and practitioners.

Target audience

Professional people interested in the Agile Philosophy and the value it can provide to the society. We will try to get young entrepreneurs onboard. Also we think there is a community of agile practitioners that are eager to share and network. These guys can come from professional services firms (consulting, training, marketing, etc).

BAM Leaders

Jorge Valdés Garciatorres
Omar García
Lorena Reyes
Alejandro Huerta
Gabriel Valdés
Fernando Espinosa
Julio Matus
Jose Gervasio Moises Madera
Hugo Gonzalez Lora

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