Business Agility Argentina

The purpose of this community is to actively work for people and their experiences and insights in order to navigate the complex and emerging domain that is business agility. We want to create an open, pluralistic and diverse space, where there is space for exploration, learning and development of its members.


Outreach approach

The idea is to generate a Meetup on the topic, webinars and events related with the topic of Business Agility. Founders are agility practitioners on a day-to-day basis, several of them with extensive experience in the subject developed both in the academic and professional fields, and with an interest in contributing to the practice of agility. The also have years of volunteer experience, with PMI, PMIBA (Buenos Aires chapter), and in the Latinoamerican Agile Community.

Target audience

Professionals and practitioners of agility in the broad sense, with an interest in the application of agility at an organizational level, in teams and in people.

BAM Leaders

Ezequiel Kahan

Marcelo Espejo

Gabriela Agüero

Daniel Alejandro Sosa

Edgardo S. Safranchik

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