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If you’re interested in setting on a local BAM – have a read of our guidance document. Once you have your 4 fellow organisers, a clear understanding of your audience, and outreach approaches, it’s as simple as completing the BAM application form.

If you are already running a BAM, visit our Leader Resource Center for ideas, guides, and special programmes to help run local events.

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Find A Community Near You


  • Business Agility Atlanta (Atlanta): Quarterly meetups offering free presentations and mini summits in the local tech community
  • Business Agility Sacramento (Sacramento): This meet up will bring business agility awareness in Sacramento Agile Leadership Network, a group of around 170 professionals (mostly State Govt leaders)
  • Washington DC Business Agility: Dinner and speaker presentations and lean coffee
  • St. Louis BAM: A forum for business leaders leveraging the agile mindset to delight customers, digitize operations and promote innovation.
  • Business Agility Practitioners of New Jersey: Topics and discussions focused on Business Agility – What, Why, How, When, and Beyond!
  • Business Agility Meetup | Northern New Jersey: A community driven, interactive BAM focusing on Business Agility as well as practical applications in the organizations served by our community of business leaders, executives, coaches and practitioners across the Northern New Jersey area.
  • Columbus Business Agility: The overall focus of the group is to discuss and find innovative ways to engage our business partners to realize agility successes.
  • Business Agility Chicago (USA): Business agility open spaces, lean coffee sessions, presentations featuring local experts as well as remote, and executive breakfasts.
  • Business Agility Montreal: Regular meetups offering free presentations and mini-summits in the local business community.


  • Business Agility International France: Our purpose is to explore, develop and integrate different views of business agility in order to improve ways of working and the quality of the working environment
  • Business Agility London (UK): Business Agility Meetup – London brings together the business agility community around great speakers and invite only Executive breakfasts
  • Business Agility Turkey (Turkey): Business Agility Turkey is the community who is aiming to spread Business Agility around Turkey and region.
  • Business Agility Gauteng (South Africa): Bringing together the business agility community around great speakers and community outreach

Latin America

  • Business Agility Sao Paulo (Brazil): Our mission is to create and maintain a community of leaders interested and involved with agile transformation.
  • Business Agility Forum (Chile): Una comunidad de empresas, líderes, ejecutivos, practicantes y demás profesionales relacionados o interesados a la agilidad empresarial en la región.
  • Business Agility MX (Mexico): BAM MX is a brand new community looking to bring Agile values and principles to Mexican businesses and other spanish speaking regions, to build awareness of the need to change business minds in order to be more apt to succeed in a VUCA business environment.


  • Business Agility Meetup – Hyderabad: The work of the Hyderabad Business Agility Meetup community reflects the real-world challenges and issues of our community members.
  • Business Agility Delhi-NCR: Learn some of the most authentic Business Agility Stories, and learn with us. Explore a world of solutions and discoveries.
  • Business Agility Bangalore (Bangalore): Industry practitioners and agile transformation leaders. Those people who are leading their organisations business agility agenda
  • Business Agility – Chennai BAM (Chennai): The Purpose or Mission Statement of the Chennai Chapter of Business Agility Community would be “Connect, Share and Learn”
  • Pune Business Agility Meetup (Pune): Monthly half day meetups with one to two talks, lean coffee / open space conducted in diffrent organisations
  • Tricity Business Agility (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula): Monthly face-to-face events: lean coffees, fish bowl, workshops, presentations, industry leader’s interaction

Asia & Australia

  • Business Agility Vietnam: We seek to provide a sense of community, a free flow of ideas, and an inspiration to make work better, in order to contribute to the continuing advance of our nation.
  • Business Agility Melbourne (Melbourne): Our goal is to increase awareness about better ways of working that enable business to thrive in 21st century volatile environment and equip our members with the tools they need to achieve that
  • Business Agility Meetup | Sydney (Sydney): Business agility embraces change. Business agility changes how you think, how you work and the way you interact with people.
  • Business Agility Indonesia (Jakarta): The work of the Business Agility Indonesia community supported by Business Agility Institute and Agile Indonesia Community reflects the real-world challenges and issues of our community members.
  • BANZ – Business Agility New Zealand: Bringing an active community together that not only shares thought leadership but through networks, experience and collaboration can also create new ways building business agility across NZ.
  • Business Agility Meetup – Singapore (Singapore): The Business Agility Meetup brings together the business agility community around great speakers and invite-only Executive breakfasts

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