“Upon Retrospective: Business Agility helps with challenges at Board level” | Sandra Davey

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What happens when a group of people become Agile without realizing it?

Sandra Davey, founder of Product Space in Australia, shared the story of a Board of Directors who realized they were practicing business agility–by accident–at Business Agility 2020. Sandra shared how the team’s realization came not as the result of an organization-wide Agile transformation, or experts coming in and pushing the team towards business agility–rather, it was because of a retrospective that the Board’s Chair and CEO did that showed they had been practicing “Agile” without ever really naming it.

About Sandra Davey:

Sandra Davey is a product coach at Product Space in Australia. Having been involved in the creation of more than 30 digital products across B2C and B2B she’s seen the best and worst products and approaches to product management. With humour, pragmatism and kindness, she coaches people, teams and leaders in new ways of working in order to help optimise the way products are brought to market.

Sandra also serves as a Company Director on the Boards of Australian companies. She joined the Board of CHOICE (similar to Consumer Reports in the US) in 2012 and was elected Chair in 2017. She chairs the Investment Committee, the Commercial Sustainability Committee and is a Member of the Governance and Culture Committee. Just recently, Sandra was elected to the Board of auDA, the organisation responsible in Australia for the management of the .au namespace. Her interest here is seeing the possibilities for new ways of working through the lens of the Company Board of Directors and the C-level Leadership Team.


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