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Transformation Journey, Roche Diagnostics Austria

To dare or not to dare

Transformation Journey, Roche Diagnostics Austria - to dare or not to dare by Dr. Uta Maria Ohndorf

Dr. Uta-Maria Ohndorf

May 22, 2019


Uta-Maria was brought into a market leading affiliate with no layoffs in a decade, an excellent track record and a loved ex GM. With a team as a talent pool for global HQ and an ’if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ mindset. So, business as usual or urgent need for action in a radically changing healthcare environment? What would you have done, run a mile?

She shares stories of shifting mindsets from reactive to creative, in order to embark on a journey with her team along a purpose- and vision-oriented course. A journey of ups and downs, with unprecedented sales and profit growth, fast and fun. And it goes on …

About Dr. Uta-Maria Ohndorf

Dr. Uta-Maria Ohndorf

General Manager @ Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Uta-Maria is fascinated by balancing two values – purpose and safety. For her, leaders need to manage this inherent tension, and there is no safe way to excel. She is convinced that yesterday’s logic won’t shape tomorrow: Rather, she directs a company to be more adaptive to change itself.

Her vision for the healthcare transformation is to make the worldwide scientific progress faster accessible for the benefits of patients.

Uta-Maria led organizational transformations in different countries and cultures and has changed the mindset of her teams in Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria.

She conducted research at MIT, Rockefeller University and Max-Planck-Institute and holds a PhD in Chemistry.

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