The Lean Playbook

Build a Lean Organization Yourself - Manjit Singh

Build a Lean Organization Yourself – Manjit Singh

Authors: Antonio Medina, Daniel Santiago, Antonio José Rodriguez, Iván Martin, Manjit Singh

Lean is absolutely no rocket science. Most of the time it is about applying common sense in a structured manner and empowering people to reach all their potential. The Lean Playbook is a book that wants to prove this and demystify Lean to make it accessible to everyone!

This book is aimed at everyone, but with a special focus on consultants, Lean practitioners, operational team leaders and strategic heads of departments. It goes from making the first steps introducing Lean in an organization to leveraging a change of culture, optimizing value streams and facilitating innovation.

The book will help you to optimize your organization from the smallest team to the most important core processes in your value chain. You’ll get results, even if they are not revolutionary most of the time, which will bring significant improvements in cycle time, cost or product quality.

Buy the book (physical or digital app) on the authors website.

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