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Make Your Business Run Better with Agile in Sales

Make your business run better with Agile in Sales by Marina Alex

Marina Alex

May 21, 2019


Sales is the lifeblood of every organisation. So why is it treated as an afterthought? If Agile can help IT teams, to be more effective, customer-centric, and enjoyable places to work, can it help sales teams to be the same?

The answer is Yes.

This presentation will show that when IT, Sales and Marketing departments collaborate, adopt and embrace agile, the whole company becomes much more profitable. In some cases, increasing company profits 3 to 4 times. Marina will share her insights, experiences and practical guidance for organisational leaders, sales teams and business teams.

Throughout this talk, Marina will tell the story of a major holding company in Russia. This company primarily produced construction tiles and, at the time, was only meeting 43% of its sales targets. Management knew something had to change, and so made the bold decision to introduce agile simultaneously in IT, and Sales and Marketing. This was such a success that all the top managers started using Scrum to run the business successfully.

Now, just two years later, the holding has transformed the tile production and sales market, introduced dozens of innovations and have been able to triple their profit, hitting 127% of the annual target and even acquired one of its competitors.

In the end, you’ll learn that Agile is much more than just a way to increase profits. It’s a whole new way of thinking. Now when you visit this holding, you will see a corporate culture based on trust and transparency. Where company values truly matter, not only to the top management but also to the regular staff.

Marina Alex

Marina Alex

Agile Sales expert @ UBA

As an entrepreneur, management consultant, agile coach, and pioneer of Agile Sales, I specialise in building sustainable and robust agile organisations. I have a strong record of accomplishment with more than 10 years sales experience. During this time, my sales teams regularly brought in over $1.5million per year; outperforming all other teams and meeting (or exceeding) our sales targets. Over the last 4 years, I have developed an innovative sales technique based on business agility principles and agile practices; which I have successfully implemented in 4 major organisations across Russia. The most recent of these increased their sales performance from 43% of target to over 120% of target.

As a business agility coach, I am known for training agile outside IT, coaching senior executives, facilitating corporate strategy workshops, positioning business objectives in line with corporate goals, and using enthusiasm, energy and humour to motivate teams. My extensive sales background gives me a unique understanding of how business works – allowing me to uniquely solve complex cultural and business problems. During this time, I have launched more than 170 agile teams across various industries and worked closely with teams of managers in sales, logistics, and medicine. I am also an international speaker at multiple industry conferences globally.

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