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Insights from the 2020 Business Agility Report launch

2020 Business Agility Report: Responding to Disruption

Evan Leybourn, Sally Elatta, Martin Foster, Stephen Denning, Christoph Stettina,

September 19, 2020


Last year, we opened the Business Agility Report with the words “the world is changing faster than ever”. In 2020, these words do not seem enough. The world has changed beyond recognition; in profound and subtle ways, both positive and negative.

And yet, it is still the same world. Customer expectations continue to evolve; they seek new products, services, and experiences, and also expect greater social responsibility from companies. And despite record unemployment, employees continue to demand clarity, purpose, and meaning in their work.

It is in this context we launched the 2020 Business Agility Report on September 17th, 2020. Rewatch the insights and stories from report authors, analysts, and experts; Steve Denning, Sally Elatta, Martin Foster, Christoph Stettina, and Evan Leybourn.



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