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Effective Storytelling for Business Transformations

Evan Leybourn

October 1, 2020


Great tales of business transformation deserve to be shared, but there’s a right and a wrong way to tell a story.

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When you recount your Business Agility stories, you want to take your audience on a journey that keeps them on the edge of their seats from the first line to the last. This two hour workshop from Christopher Ruz will help you do just that.

Christopher Ruz is the author of, amongst many other things, the Ragged Blade series. Recently, he has been helping the Business Agility Institute to tell stories of transformation and evolution. For a sample of his writing, check out Challenging Times.

We have been working closely with him to develop a story-telling workshop that will help you you tell your stories as well. Your organization has experienced hardships and obstacles, and you’ve solved them through innovation and hard work. You may have used agile values and principles to help your organizations overcome these setbacks, and have completely transformed your business as a result. I think that sort of change is remarkable and inspirational. Your stories deserve to be told.

But if we want other organizations around the world to pay attention to your stories, we need to tell them in a way that grabs an audience and doesn’t let go. We need to make sure your stories of business transformation are engaging, exciting, and educational.

We’ll begin with the dos and don’ts of effective storytelling, explore the foundational elements of storytelling structure, and then examine how to apply this knowledge to real instances of business transformations. We’ll also discuss presentation styles, what to put into a slideshow, and how to create an effective closing statement that ensures your audience will remember you and your story long after you’ve finished speaking. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the tools you need to shape your own experiences in Business Agility into tales that will captivate audiences and build your brand.

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