2019 Business Agility Report: Raising the BAR

The world is changing faster than ever. Organizations of every size are struggling to remain relevant to their customers and to wider society. Customers are better informed and their expectations are mounting all the time. Employees demand more clarity, empowerment and meaning in their work. It is only high-performing, adaptable and agile organizations that will thrive in this unpredictable market. We call this business agility.

Recently, 453 respondents from 274 companies around the world took part in the 2019 Business Agility Report. This rates their maturity and shares their insights, challenges and successes.

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But First

We’re already starting to plan for the 2020 report. Complete the Business Agility Survey and have your voice included in next years Global Business Agility Report. It will take you 15 minutes and, at the end, you can compare yourself to similar organisations who have already taken the survey. https://agilityhealthradar.com/business-agility-survey

Download the Report

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