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Optionally, we recommend getting sufficient copies of the “What moves you” and Employee Engagement report printed for the attendees. If you have a sponsor, full colour on good paper is best. However, this can also be done in a cost-effective way.

You should also send out copies of the reports to all registered attendees prior to the meetup.

Room Setup

Setup the room as per the instructions for a fishbowl format.

Facilitation Process

Start by introducing the concepts from the Reports. I do not recommend slides, although you are welcome to use them if needed. Talk through the main points to convey what approaches are possible, effective (as well as those that are ineffective);

  • Reiss’s 16 basic desires -> important to focus on the fact that all motivation in intrinsic (internal) not extrinsic (external).
  • Principles
  • Practices
    • Core Pay
    • Career and Development
    • Flexible Lifestyle Benefits
    • Employee Experience

At this point open up the fishbowl as per the instructions. Ask for challenges and problems relating to incentives, motivation, and rewards.

By the end of the night most people should have had the opportunity to talk about their company’s approach to incentives, motivation, and rewards.

Post-Event Mailout

Remember to invite them to join the HR Guild and Business Agility Institute.


Whitepaper: What Moves You? This whitepaper will kickstart the conversation on incentives, motivation and rewards in agile organizations - and we hope it will shed some light on the complexity involved.

Download the Whitepaper