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Optionally, we recommend getting sufficient copies of the “Hiring for Culture” report printed for the attendees. If you have a sponsor, full colour on good paper is best. However, this can also be done in a cost-effective way.

You should also send out copies of the report to all registered attendees prior to the meetup.

Assuming you are running this as Lightning Talks, email all attendees at least a week before asking for volunteers to give a 5-minute talk on their recruitment experiences:


We are hosting a special edition of the Business Agility Meetup focusing on “Hiring for Culture”, recruitment, and onboarding. We’ll be using a lightning talk format to hear as many stories and experiences from our community as possible.

Are you able to give a short, 5-minute, talk on this topic? It could be on your personal experiences (either the best or worst experience), how your company does requirement, the best stories you’ve heard in your industry, new recruitment techniques, etc. It is a very broad topic. We don’t need slides (but you’re welcome to use them if you like) - your story is what is most important.

Please let me know. We need 10 volunteers to share 5-minute stories.

Kind Regards

Room Setup

Setup the room as per the instructions for lightning talks.

Facilitation Process

Start by introducing the concepts from the Report. We have created a slide deck to simplify this. This should take less than 15 minutes. Talk through the main points to convey what is possible and effective (as well as ideas that are ineffective);

  • Focus on People -> “Our goal is to move from hiring resources to hiring personalities and finally to hiring people
  • ”Reiss’s 16 basic desires -> important to focus on the fact that all motivation in intrinsic (internal) not extrinsic (external).
  • Assessing Organisational Culture -> If you are planning to do it, mention that there is a separate special edition that will run through this process.
  • Culture add vs Culture fit
  • How to hire for culture -> This should lead into the lightning talks

At this point open up the lightning talks as per the instructions. By the end of the night most people should have had the opportunity to talk about their company’s approach to recruitment.

Post-Event Mailout

Remember to invite them to join the HR Guild and Business Agility Institute.