Important announcement regarding the 2021 Business Agility Conference

I wanted to share an important update regarding the March 2021 Business Agility Conference. We have made the decision to postpone the conference to 2022.

You can probably already guess the reasons. Given the progression and impact that COVID-19 continues to have around the world, the idea of holding a large conference (in NYC of all places) is at best risky and at worst negligent. All the advice we have been given is that large group gatherings will still be a significant health risk in March. As a society, we must respect the health and safety of each other. As much as it hurts to do so, cancelling the conference is the right decision to make.

For those who were looking forward to the conference, there will be many other opportunities to learn and share the latest business agility stories and concepts with others in the community.

We are reinvesting our time and energy to find and create new inspiring stories, practical reference guides, and original research papers in the Business Agility Library. And for those who miss the deep-dives from the conference, this week, we will be announcing a series of small discussion groups (structural agility and adaptive finance will be the first two). Joining these discussion groups is by application and limited to 18 people.

If you want to know more about the reasoning and thought-processes behind this, have a read of our blog on the topic.

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