Call for Stories (NYC)

Join us for the Business Agility Conference. Last year we were looking for great “art of the possible” stories, and this year is no different. You don’t have to be a consultant or industry thought leader. We’re looking for authentic stories of organisational design, market disruption, product innovation, and next-gen leadership across the whole organisation and spanning different industries. We can’t wait to hear about your experience applying innovative ideas, models, or frameworks.

What Makes a Great Story

At our core we are all storytellers, and great stories are crafted and refined. Here is what we’re looking for in your story:

  • A clearly identifiable Beginning, Middle, and End – If you don’t have a narrative, then it isn’t a story;
  • We can connect with it on an emotional level – The best stories are the ones where everything doesn’t go perfectly from the start. Show vulnerability. The audience will feel the struggle you went through and may be living it today in their organization. People hearing your story should be able to see themselves reflected in it;
  • Tension builds throughout the story – You’ll want to jump to the success and tell us all about how great the way of working is today. Don’t rush to the ending. Help your audience understand the mistakes, missteps, and learnings along the way. Not all stories will have a successful or happy ending; these stories are equally valuable for the lessons learned.
  • Finally, we want to see a clear result. How did the business measurably improve?

Check out our favourite stories from previous conferences for examples of what “good” looks like.

We’re Here to Help

When you submit your story, you will be able to ask our excellent team to work directly with you in crafting and refining your story. Ultimately, we’ll be selecting the best stories based on the refined version submitted by October 30. Submit early to get the best opportunity for detailed feedback from our busy review team.

Important dates

  • August 1 – Submission System Opens
  • October 30- Submission System Closes
  • January 15 – Programme Announced

Speaker Compensation

Speakers will receive 2 nights accommodation at our preferred hotel and complimentary conference entry. Speakers will also receive unique discount codes for their colleagues and clients.

Conference Format

The format for the conference continues to be unique. There are no tracks – just a large room for everyone. Each day is broken into three sessions: Executives, Thought-Leaders, and Practitioners. Each session will consist of three, 20-minute, “art of the possible” stories, a short Q/A with all the speakers and a “deep dive” into the domain. The deep dive options include a smaller group discussion with the speakers from the session or a facilitated activity at the tables.

What is your “art of the possible” story?

  • Your Personal Details

  • A short overview of who you are. If you've provided it previously, just leave this blank.
  • Please provide a link to a a previous presentation (this or another one) that you've done. If you don't have a recorded presentation, please record a 5 minute video introducing the topic
  • Talk Details

  • The title of your talk.
  • Provide a brief summary of your talk. Why should someone go see it?
  • Describe what your role was; etc. were you leading it, were you part of it, were you an outsider?
  • What was the measurable impact to the business (improved revenue, new customers, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market lesson learned (positive or negative), engaged community, etc)
  • Please provide as much detail as you can to help the program team differentiate this from other talks. This could include a breakdown of your talk or more information about what you will be covering.
  • I understand and agree that, if selected, my session will be recorded and made available to members of the Business Agility Institute and potentially the wider public. We cannot consider proposals that cannot be recorded. We understand that circumstances change and you are able to withdraw this permission at any time. A copy of the recording will be made available to you prior to it being made public.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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