XSCALE partnering with BAI


XSCALE Alliance has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding with Business Agility Institute:

XSCALE Alliance and Business Agility Institute logo

Business Agility Institute ("BAI") and XSCALE Alliance ("XA") enjoy strong thematic alignment. BAI is an advocacy, membership and research organization that promotes the structure, mindset, and behaviour of an agile organisation. XA is a Linux-style ecosystem of independent service providers that promotes specific agile organisation principles and practice-patterns. This Memorandum is to confirm the commitment of the two to interoperate for the mutual benefit of all members. In 2018 each will offer the following benefits:
  1. XA extends partnership to BAI:
    • 30% discount on Practitioner Training for all individual BAI members.
    • 30% discount on Coach Training for all qualified individual BAI members.
  2. BAI extends Institutional Membership to XA:
    • Individual membership to the XA Stewards
    • 30% discount on BAI membership to all XA Coaches and Practitioners
    • 30% discount code for the Business Agility Conference series to all XA members
  3. The senior members of both organizations will align their respective collateral to provide a consistent conceptual framework for business agility:
    • XA will integrate with and apply BAI's Business Agility Taxonomy and assessment tools as they become available.
    • BAI will link to or integrate XA Practice Pattern Languages into the Institute knowledge base under an open content license

27 January 2018 by Evan Leybourn and Peter Merel for XSCALE Alliance and Business Agility Institute.

Why is this MOU important to XSCALE Alliance?


Evan Leybourn’s BAI ran the world’s first Business Agility Conference in New York in 2017 and lit the way forward with the most comprehensive and detailed taxonomy of agile organization today.

XSCALE’s principles and pattern languages provide an agnostic praxis to fulfil the BAI taxonomy., We’re chopping down the Agile greasy pole of vanity certificates to provide a #NoFramework ecosystem of independent coaches collaborating on the Linux of the agile world - an open content kernel wrapped in commercial training, coaching and tooling products.

XSCALE has signed an MOU with BAI to make it clear that each supports the other. People scrap over Agile frameworks but for us these arguments fall away when we focus on business throughput first. Which is why we say Agile in IT is nonsense. Meaningful agility lives and dies with the business.