Workplace Experiences Survey

The Business Agility Institute, in collaboration with John Dobbin, Dr Richard Claydon, and Phrasia are conducting research on work communication patterns experienced during the COVID pandemic. 

This 5 minute survey uses the latest technology to correlate and group micro-narratives. By capturing your experiences as mini-stories we hope to uncover patterns that teams and team leaders can learn from and apply in the future.

It’s important that respondents feel they can be totally honest so your comments are completely confidential. Your responses will remain entirely anonymous, and at no point will anyone know who wrote the comments you share.  For this reason, there are a few demographic questions to aid analysis.

Take the Survey

We thank you for your time and input. We believe that this research will be valuable for improving the health and functioning of organisations, teams and individuals in the future.

If you wish to receive a copy of the completed report, please enter your email at the end. Your email address will not be connected to the data set gathered. If you do not want to input your email, the final report will be available via The Business Agility Institute. 

Also, the more surveys we conduct the better so please forward this to as many friends and colleagues as you feel comfortable with. 

- John Dobbin
- Dr Richard Claydon 
- Jeff Bradley