When opportunity knocks, stand on your head!

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Change can be scary and risky, and most organizations begin the change process with small, safe initiatives that have limited potential damage if things go wrong. What if we could flip the prevailing thought on its head by leveraging a subset of agility components in significant, highly visible efforts to sow agility seeds that can lead to lasting agility transformation? We could – and we did.

Mike Russell | COO @ Frost Bank

Mike Russell is the Group Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Frost Bank, overseeing technology and operations. Prior to this appointment, he was a strategic consultant and advisor to Frost on technology and business agility issues. As a management advisor, Mike has worked with clients ranging in size from startups to large firms at the Fortune 20 level, and U.S. and foreign government departments. As a senior executive in corporate America, he led a variety of groups through change leading to higher performance. Mike is also the author of the book Wrong Until Right – How to Succeed Despite Relentless Change.

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