“The business agility behind a fictional band that topped real world charts” | Michael Robillard

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How did a virtual band top the Billboard chart for World Digital Songs? Was it a coincidence? Was it a one-time wonder? None of the above. Instead, it was the unexpected (yet desired!) result of building a true foundation of business agility to operate in a world where we place our players firmly in the center of our universe.

This talk by Michael Robillard shares the story behind the band, including:

  • How the Copernican Revolution that informs a new mindset for business agility
  • Exploring the interplay between top-down strategy and bottom-up ideas
  • Describing the implementation of key components of business agility at Riot Games
  • Explaining why business agility is a journey that relies on what we call “the grind”
  • The importance of learning through experimentation rather than a framework, model, or methodology

About Michael Robillard:

Michael Robillard

Michael Robillard has a career in commercial software and organizational development that spans 30 years in industries including security, retail, healthcare, and entertainment. His focus for the last decade has been leading business & product strategy and operational excellence. He also specializes in creating meaningful communication and co-creation experiences for both small and large groups of individuals, from the C-Suite to delivery teams. He is currently a Lead Development Manager for Riot Games in Los Angeles. Michael is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist trainer, a national-level competitive bodybuilder, and owns a gym in Boulder, CO. When not in the workplace you will find him in the gym, on the ski slopes, or hiking through the mountains of Colorado.


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