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The story of a fast-growing manufacturing company – a family business with a weakness for old-school approaches, that took a leap into the unknown and embraced their change to bring forward a new leadership driven culture across 7 locations, embracing lean, agile and empowered team approaches to successfully deliver their future goals as they become a leading edge market player for their product.

Rich shares this story allowing us to

  • understand the benefits of coaching business agility without the labels
  • understand the benefits of cultural transformation as an enabler for an agile organisation
  • confirm the power of collaborative teams,with clear purpose to achieve great things

About Rich

Rich Batchelor headshotRich is a very highly respected international change management professional with extensive experience delivering successful outcomes to engagements in business transformation, enterprise technology solutions and organizational restructures (including M&A) supported by extensive positive achievement in strategic human resources, executive leadership coaching, organizational development and operational excellence delivery. He has a global presence, working with businesses across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas to develop, plan, implement and sustain the changes needed to grow and prosper.

Rich is a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and after leading the team taking forward chapter development built the Toronto Chapter where he is the currently elected president.

Rich has worked in public sector change for many years and built up extensive experience here on large scale transformational and multi-locational projects.

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