“Lessons on Innovation from Launching the Amazon Marketplace” | John Rossman

John Rossman is responsible for launching and scaling the third party market place at Amazon and running Amazon’s Enterprise business. It is a business that Jeff Bezos calls one of his “magical businesses” and accounts for more than 50% of units sold and shipped on Amazon.com. In this talk, sought after keynote speaker, adviser, and best selling author John Rossman pulled back the curtain and told the story of how one of the most innovative and ground breaking businesses was not only conceived, but launched. Leveraging many of the concepts from “Think Like Amazon: 50 ½ Ideas to Become a Digital Leader,” Rossman outlined leadership, strategy and tactics used at Amazon that you can learn from and integrate into your business to compete in the digital era.

About John Rossman:

John Rossman

John Rossman is a sought-after keynote speaker, former Amazon executive, and business strategist. Rossman is most known for launching and scaling the Amazon Marketplace, which Jeff Bezos called “one of his magical businesses”, accounting for over 50% of all Amazon units sold and shipped. Rossman also served as Director of Enterprise Services at Amazon.com under CEO Jeff Bezos, where he managed worldwide services to enterprise clients such as Target.com, Marks and Spencer, and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Since leaving Amazon, he has advised clients across most industry verticals on innovation, digital strategy, and culture as Managing Partner of Rossman Partners. Offering guidance through the maze of challenges and options, Rossman is adept at finding the business strategy for businesses of all sizes. His approach helps audiences tackle the technology, business and internal challenges in innovating with the internet of things and their digital business strategy.

John Rossman is the author of “Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader”, published by McGraw Hill. In Think Like Amazon, Rossman sets forth a playbook, or system of beliefs and approaches, for how Amazon gets results and thinks about their business. He is also the author of “The Amazon Way” book series, including “The Amazon Way on IoT: 10 Lessons Every Leader Should Learn from Amazon’s Internet of Things Strategy”.


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