“How to leverage our transformation skills for rebuilding nations” | Sally Elatta

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“The Story of Sudan NextGen”

Sally Elatta, CEO and founder of Agility Health, found herself in uncharted–yet familiar–territory as she engaged in a different kind of transformation: a once-in-a-lifetime revolution in her home country, Sudan, which toppled a 30-year dictatorship.

Sally shared her story of business agility leader turned social change agent at Business Agility 2020. From meeting with Sudan’s Prime Minister to developing Sudan NextGen–a nonprofit organization with a vision of transforming Sudan in pursuit of a shared dream of being one of the leading countries and economies in Africa–Sally will share lessons learned, broaden our vision of business agility, encourage us to let go of fear in approaching transformation, and show us how business agility sets us up with the skills needed to engage in what matters most to us. This is her story.

About Sally Elatta:

Sally is the CEO and founder of AgilityHealth and a successful entrepreneur and thought leader in the space of Enterprise Business AgilitySM and Measurement. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who advises top executives of leading global enterprises through their Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) transformations.

Sally is passionate about enabling larger enterprises to achieve true business agility and take Agile and Lean practices outside of technology-only teams. She advises leaders in several industries including healthcare, financial services, technology, and government to guide them through building a holistic strategy for enterprise agility using the Enterprise Business Agility Model. Sally strongly believes in measuring what matters, and that measurement without growth is effort without impact. These guiding principles inspired the creation of AgilityHealth, the world’s leading measurement and continuous improvement platform for organizations.


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