How Self-Selection Lets People Excel by Sandy Mamoli

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Here’s a radical idea: Trust people to know best and let them decide which team they should work in. Let them Self-Select!

Self-selection is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to form stable(ish) teams, based on the belief that people are at their happiest and most productive if they can choose what they work on and who they work with. In this talk I will share a repeatable process and a wealth of experiences from more than five years of running Self-Selection events in small and large organisations all over the world.

Sandy Mamoli | Agile Coach @ Nomad8

Sandy Mamoli

Sandy Mamoli

I am an Agile coach with a focus on organisational culture and leadership. From working with global enterprises in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen to being one of New Zealand’s leading coaches, I bring my practical flair and passionate advocacy for all things Agile to businesses around the world.

I work with a wide range of organisations and help them create an environment conducive to high performance and creativity. I specialise in teams outside of technology, predominantly business and leadership teams.

I am a former Olympian, an international keynote speaker and author of „Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel“. I have a masters degree in artificial intelligence and I know quite a lot about Agile.

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