Futurework: Managing Complexity With Simplicity by Doug Kirkpatrick

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The keynote will explore the lessons learned from the journey of vanguard companies as they unleash the power of organizational self-management. Is it possible to adopt an organizational model linking mission-critical processes to individual stewardship without the need for traditional management and formal hierarchy? Is it possible to slash the direct and indirect costs of bureaucracy to achieve strategic competitive advantage? Is it possible to manage great complexity with simple principles? The answer to all of these questions appears to be yes.

What you’ll take away:

  • Learn How to Create a Highly Scalable Enterprise Without Bosses and Titles
  • Learn How to Drive Organizational Agility, Innovation and Resilience through Organizational Self-Management
  • Learn How Organizational Self-Management Can Create Strategic Business Advantage
  • Learn How to Slash the Costs of Management, the Least Efficient Activity of Any Enterprise
  • Learn How to Manage Great Complexity with Great Simplicity

About Doug Kirkpatrick | US Partner @ NuFocus Strategic Group

Doug KirkpatrickOn the first day of first grade, our teacher asked us to color a picture of a buffalo in brown crayon. Feeling creative, I used black and brown crayons, earning a reprimand. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the tension between organizational freedom and accountability.

After college, I was privileged to serve as the first financial controller for Morning Star, now the world’s largest tomato processing company. Our founder introduced the startup team to the core principles of self-management, which we adopted immediately. At Morning Star, I learned that organizational self-management is real, it works and it drives superior business performance.

In 2008, I co-founded the Morning Star Self-Management Institute, with the mission of instantiating organizational self-management principles with effective education, tools and practices.

As a partner in NuFocus Strategic Group, I now speak and consult on self-management throughout North America and around the world. I also share the message of organizational innovation through my best-selling books (“Beyond Empowerment” + “From Hierarchy to High Performance”), TEDx talk and numerous articles and posts. Gartner Research Director Mark McGregor wrote that “Doug is a leading expert in the field of organizational design.”

NuFocus is a full-spectrum international consulting firm born in Canada, delivering client solutions for business strategy, marketing, operations, finance, international trade, infotech, entrepreneurship, HR, leadership, learning systems and organizational innovation (my personal calling).

I also work with Great Work Cultures, Work Revolution and the Center for Innovative Cultures to co-create the organizations of the future.

I’m always happy to connect with anyone who wants to learn how to make organizations thrive with engaged, innovative and self-directed leaders.

Specialties: Organizational Design, Talent Development, Culture, Leadership, Speaking, Consulting, Self-Management


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