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Folks all around us make design decisions every day. We might not always be aware of them, and they might not be conscious of it. But the fact of the matter is, the design of a delightful customer experience doesn’t come from a single person, nor does it come from a role (job title).

How do we drop the “rockstar designer” attitude, drive shared understanding, embrace an inclusive and diverse process and make it our goal to help everyone become as excellent a designer as they can be? We’ll ask these questions, but first, we’ll start with why we should.

This is a conversation about how we look at others when designing products and services. It’s about the decisions we all make and how they have the potential to impact the design.

Liam Hutchinson | Senior Consultant @ Thoughtworks

Liam is an Experience Design & Strategy Consultant for ThoughtWorks, a global creative technology consultancy. He’s a true believer in the notion that everyone is a designer and works with organisations to facilitate bolder thinking around customer experience and to enable their teams to become better designers, making more effective decisions.

Outside the office, he’s a pretty ordinary bloke who never has a “fun fact” to hand. Travelling a lot with work, Liam jumps at the opportunity to cook when possible and enjoys the odd pale ale.

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