Diamonds on the Soles of Your Shoes by Gracie Koester

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Dissatisfaction is a gem hiding in plain sight. Often seen as something to gloss over, Gracie will illuminate how to employ dissatisfaction. This rewards organizations with motivation and ingenuity, and starves resentment and resignation–the robust invasives that stifle innovation and productivity. By understanding how people are wired and moved to learn, leaders can grow their own and others’ curiosity and utilize dissatisfaction to achieve greater richness. The result is diamonds: a business that enjoys agility with new pathways of experimentation and learning.

Gracie Koester | Business Coaching & Consulting

Trained as a geographer to see in layers and interconnections, Gracie has honed her coaching in some of the toughest realms of healthcare, design, and entrepreneurship. She brings big picture thinking as well as attention to detail to help people thrive in their work. Not content with the view of business as transactional, nor agility as product-based, Gracie leads people to the network of exchanges and relationships that drive their work to greater satisfaction, productivity, and joy. Drawing on Design Thinking, Human Geography, and doula practice, Gracie brings a multi-facetted approach to business agility.

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