Design Thinking for Business Agility by Siddharth Kabra

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The World has never been changing this fast, and it will never be changing this slowly. Agility is not just an alternative way of working for this fast changing world, but it is THE way of working. Agility helps one adapt quickly to contextual changes like markets, consumers, technology, expectations, competition etc. But, is your company prepared to become truly agile?

And No, truly agile does not mean having an agile technology implementation process. In the new world, it is an attitude of conducting business.

With this talk Siddharth will share his stories that allow you to explore this shift from traditional to agile through a design thinking lens. He walks you through the 6 mindsets of Design Thinking – key to organisational agility – that he’s applied in his experience working with organisations

Ready to mindshift?

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Siddharth Kabra

Siddharth Kabra | CEO @ Monsoonfish

Siddharth Kabra is the CEO of Monsoonfish. Monsoonfish has been working in product strategy, Design, UX and UI with an energetic team of designers.

Siddharth has been helping businesses, brands and products look at the changing scenario and adapt through Design and Design Thinking as an approach and through numerous workshops.

Siddharth Kabra is also a Product and Strategy consultant working with various local and national brands. He has been working in the area of Design consulting for over 15 years for clients across sectors; and has built an organisation comprising of various design services offered as a integrated, end to end service.

Team Monsoonfish works on various mobile applications, web applications, software, applications, websites across domains like Healthcare, ERPs, HRMS, Learning & Education, Automotive, and many more where we’ve added value in terms of user relevant product featuring, easy to use user experience (UX) design and stunning looking graphic (UI) design.

Won an International OPUS design award for designing the user experiences and interactions for the way the information net would behave in the future, complete with products that would support the system.

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