CxO: You are your organisation’s Product Manager by Tze Chin Tang

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The path to attaining loyal customers is through a great product, and the path to a great product is through a great organisation.

In this session, Tze Chin Tang will present the idea that as an executive and leader, you are essentially a Product Manager, and the organisation-your product.

Through the lens of Product Management, build the organisation you need to create fantastic product outcomes through developing a product vision, accelerate value creation by enabling competencies, make strategic trade-offs to maximise resource utility & develop the organisation iteratively to continually meet market demands.

Tze Chin Tang will present their culture stack, the mindset, perspectives and tools, as tried & tested at Seek Asia in transforming their organisation to meet the increased expectation of their customers and fiercely growing competitors.

Tze Chin Tang | Head Agile Delivery @ Seek Asia

Tze Chin Tang headshotTze is currently working as the Head of Agile Delivery at Seek Asia, a jobs marketplace operating in 1 markets across South East Asia and Hong Kong, where he is responsible in designing how Seek Asia delivers fantastic product outcomes. Tze is an Agile Transformation agent, coach and organisation designer.

Tze has a passion for people and organisational development. Tze has found himself in leadership positions where he honed his skills in effective communications and talent development, so as to bridge technology to business and drive high-impact project delivery. Tze seeks to amplify his experience with Agile methodologies, developing software engineering organizations and empowering people through meaningful job opportunities.

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