Business Agility Tastes Like Chocolate by Marsha Shenk

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Starting with a true story of generating agility at a low point of a Fortune 100, Marsha will explore some of the factors that enable people and businesses to be their best: ready and able to welcome change. Her far-reaching, light-hearted approach is a cocktail of Business Anthropology, Ecosystem thinking, Game Theory and Social Neuroscience, honed over nearly four decades in the trenches with business leaders.

In this 30 minutes, Marsha will share some key variables and a few constants we can put to use on the path to Business Agility.

Marsha ShenkMarsha Shenk | Founder @ The BestWork People

Marsha is a pioneer. Not satisfied with the way business environments were stifling human ingenuity, she founded The BestWork People in 1980. She brought her background in Anthropology to work with business leaders, determined to discover the cultures, practices and infrastructure required that would foster everyone’s ability to contribute and to generate fresh value.

Marsha grew her own business by inviting clients to consider what would have them in shape to thrive, no matter what may happen in the marketplace. That inquiry is now called Business Agility. Armed with 3+ million years of human history, mixed with systems theory, philosophy of language and social neuroscience, she brings a dynamic and provocative voice.

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