Boost Business Agility with Contemporary HR Practices

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People are the heart & soul of Agile. Let’s turn your Human Resources into Agile People Operations to boost your enterprise agility.

“#1 trend 2016: HR embraces agile” | HR Trend Institute
“HR drives the agile organization” | HRO Today

Inspired, empowered, and engaged people are the heart and soul of Agile – and HR.

Transforming your organization into an agile enterprise is no small deed. And it does not matter where you are on your way towards embracing agility on all levels. There will be a time when you need to align your people solutions with the mindset and demands of agile people and organizations.

We will talk about how to turn your Human Resources into Agile People Operations and boost your agility. We will share stories and examples of Agile HR practices and their implications and impact.

About Fabiola

Fabiola EyholzerFabiola Eyholzer is an Expert and Thought Leader in Lean | Agile People Operations – the 21st century HR approach – and CEO of Just Leading Solutions LLC, a New York based consultancy for Agile HR.

As trusted advisor she helps national and international key players in various industries to accelerate their agile transformation by focusing on their crucial asset: their people. Her expertise builds on 20 years in Management Consulting with 15+ years in Human Resources with key expertise in Compensation & Performance Management and 5+ years thereof in Agile HR.

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