Agile HR – a Game Changer

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Sky Betting & Gaming is fast-growing, award winning digital company. We will take you on an agile transformation within our Human Resources. We will share first-hand experience and openly discuss our approach, our challenges, our results and lessons learned. We will explain how a shift from Human Resources to People Operations was not just a name change, but a game change.

About Sky Betting & Gaming

Sky Betting & Gaming is a tech company born out of Sky, and we’re aiming to be the UK’s best digital business. With over 1000+ employees, we are constantly innovating and growing. We don’t have teams. We have Tribes. Tribes of people who work collaboratively with a shared purpose. Each Tribe is made up of small, agile and autonomous squads.

It’s an environment where startup culture, speed to market, agility and continuous improvement are powerful influences. It’s somewhere that values challenge and collaboration, while removing barriers and hierarchy.

We’ve created the kind of workplace that not only retains talent, but wins awards for it too – including a place on the prestigious Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Agile Adoption in Human Resources

As innovative and fast-growing organization, it is important to engage amazing people, shape a great culture and create a unique place of work. For HR to effectively support the agile enterprise, HR needs to embrace Agile values, principles, and practices.

After successful pilot within the Bet Tribe, SB&G decided to scale agile across all tribes and create a dedicated People Operations team. The newly formed team began its agile journey in July 2017. Amanda Bellwood, People Operations Manager at SB&G and Fabiola Eyholzer, CEO & Agile HR Expert of Just Leading Solutions LLC will take you on the journey of going through the People Ops implementation.

The discussion will cover topics on how we approached the transformation and what we experienced along the way. In addition to sharing our journey map, we will reveal our successful kick-start and explain how we achieved a shift in mindset within a short time. But we will also address the challenges of keeping the momentum going and explain how we dealt with constraints and roadblocks.

We will share how we handle the demanding task of co-creating and delivering value in an Agile manner (Agile for HR), but also supporting the Agile organization with state-of-the-art People Solutions aligned with Agile values and principles (HR for Agile).

Bellwood – Agile HR a Game Changer

Learning Objectives

We will share how we learned to:

  • successfully kick-start an Agile HR transformation
  • build a common understanding of Agile People Ops
  • establish a common set of values and principles to steer future work in People Ops
  • set a framework to collaborate and co-create as a team
  • shape a strong team with a common understanding our vision & purpose
  • define our way of working and have committed to our working agreements
  • work in an iterative way and experienced firsthand the strength of Agile, but also the focus and accountability behind it
  • translate Agile principles and values to an HR setting
  • speak “Agile” and better relate to the challenges of our Agile teams
  • go through a mindset shift within a short timeframe
  • inspect and adapt continuously
  • keep the momentum going

Amanda Bellwood

Amanda Bellwood | People Operations Manager @ Sky Betting and Gaming

Amanda Bellwood is a leading People Operations manager at Sky Betting & Gaming.

Amanda is fully embedded within the Bet Tribe, working with the tech squads to understand their agile / lean ways of working. She advises and collaborates with key stakeholders to identify areas to add value and provide credible solutions for continuous improvement. She ensures SB&G values remain strong as they scale. She creates a learning environment and encourages meaningful growth by empowering people to drive their own progress.

Prior to SB&G, Amanda worked for William Hill where she spent 10 years working in a variety of roles including HR Manager, IS Resource Manager, Business Change Manager and more recently as Digital Change Manager for the Tech Team.

Amanda lives in Leeds and has two daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family, cycling and running. Completing a Triathlon is her personal challenge!


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