“A Beautiful Mess: Inspiring natural, voluntary agility transformation” | Colleen Kirtland

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Agile is becoming mainstream and is at risk of losing vibrancy. As late majority organizations are now adopting agile practices, we are at risk of gravitating toward branded scaling frameworks in search of easy solutions and checking boxes. It is much more difficult (but satisfying) to nurture a healthy, natural eco-system where the object of creation (Product) iterates as much as the creators (People).

Colleen Kirtland joined us virtually to highlight the benefits of leading emergent natural structures, ones that are co-created by many in a tapestry of internal complexity that can only arise out multiple agency–meaning that change flows in multiple directions through multiple people and processes. She encouraged us to learn to love transformations that are messy and real, ones that hold space for creative tension and true diversity.

About Colleen Kirtland:

Colleen Kirtland is passionate about expanding Agility far beyond the boundaries of Technology. She enjoys constructive activism in the environment and education working with underserved students. She is a mentor-facilitator for non-profit organizations such as JOYA Scholars and 5 Saturdays. As automation displaces traditional human work, there is a great need to evaluate and leverage technology to improve the human condition.

As an evangelist of human centric emerging technologies, Colleen has served both as a leader and individual contributor in multiple companies and industries. She currently serves as AVP of Emerging Technology and Agile practice for Pacific Life. Every day, she is driven to help create learning organizations that inspire people to continuously deliver value while re-inventing themselves.

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