To Infinity and Beyond…


Business Agility Meetups have been forming around the world over the past year, including several in India. In 2018, India’s technology hub, Bangalore (now officially Bengaluru), joined the list of notable cities with a flourishing BAM.

 The core team wanted to start small and build from the ground up and sent invitations to those working and leading in various functions of business within the city. Fifteen people representing Human Resources, Operations, Business Development, and entrepreneurs were also invited and participated.

There was a lot of curiosity among the participants about business agility and the presentation introducing Business Agility led to questions and discussions. Having gotten an introduction to business agility, the participants came up with a list of topics that they would want to be discussed in the future meetups. Of the multiple topics that were brought out by the audience, the following two have been shortlisted for discussion in the next BAM Bengaluru.

  1. In the ever-changing market expectation, what is the best way to align the organization accordingly?
  2. How can agility help organizations withstand external impacts such as government regulations or predatory policies of dominant players?

By looking at the enthusiasm of the participants and the thoughts/ideas that were exchanged, it’s safe to say that the BAM Bengaluru community has gotten off to a great start!

To continue the community engagement, a LinkedIn group ( has been created.