The Site Visit Experience

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Whether you lead an organization that’s been agile for years or one that’s brand new to the process, the Business Agility Institute can enhance the work you’re doing with our new site visit experience.

Our goal is to create small, tight-knit communities of senior executives from global, non-competing, and non-vendor organizations who can learn from each other’s insights, stories, and challenges through curated site visits.

These immersive learning opportunities for executive leaders will equip them to make transformational changes in their workplaces. As they learn from each other, they will gain firsthand expertise with models and tools allowing them to see their unique situations through a new lens.


How Will a Site Visit Help My Company?

Our business agility experience and knowledge will help executives…

  • Bring new mindsets to what they see and experience during their visit.
  • Re-frame the perceived challenge of “this would never work at my company” to one that offers unexpected insights.
  • Envision a new future for their company based on what they experience.

These site visits offer a combination of learning, problem solving and reflection with the end goal of equipping participating executives to make transformational changes at their companies. We offer personal and tailor-made challenges and exercises that will help participants channel creative and non-traditional ideas to action plans.

Best of all, after the year’s site visits have concluded, the cohort will remain connected to support each other’s work and provide accountability.


The Structure of a Site Visit

  • Cohorts are comprised of 2-3 executives from five corporate members of the Business Agility Institute at similar stages of development (10-15 executives total).
  • CEOs are encouraged to set a challenge for their executives to solve in collaboration with their cohort.
  • Each cohort will take three site visits over 12-months.
  • Visits are a curated four-day experience led by a Business Agility Institute executive as well as a world-class facilitator.
  • Each site visit introduces and teaches new models and frameworks that you can use as “lenses” to see more during the site visits for a holistic view.
  • Each day’s activities include a variety of left- and right brained activities, conversations with innovators, cohort work sessions and pauses for reflection.

Lyssa Adkins headshot

Programme Designer & Lead Facilitator – Lyssa Adkins
Organizational Relationship Systems Coach, and Agile Leader



Site visit participation is open to Corporate Members of the Business Agility Institute.

Expression of Interest

Thank you for expressing interest in the Executive Site Visit experience. We need this information in order to link you into the most appropriate cohort (noting that competitors and vendors will not be accepted except by explicit agreement by all). Once we have enough information to start a new cohort, we will contact you to finalize the details, participating executives, and start date.

2-3 is recommended

If you know names of the executives to be involved, please add them here. If not, please leave this blank and you can select the executives at any time prior to the cohort starting.

Agreements *

To learn more about the costs and benefits of corporate membership, visit our website.

Expressing interest is not a commitment, financial or otherwise, on either party.