Roundtables at BAI are facilitated, open conversations designed to explore a specific topic in business agility.


A roundtable is an online opportunity to both learn from and share with others in the community.  A flexible agenda, light-weight facilitation, and participants ready to connect.


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Agile Governance with Senior Executives

21 April 2022

It would be nice for our organization to be able to turn on a dime for a dime, but senior leaders know the barriers to rapid value delivery, quick decisions, fixed funding and adaptive leaders. How can we leverage the concepts of Lean Portfolio Management and Agile Governance to best flow value quickly and link strategy to execution for true business agility?  Conversation topics include a "small chunk" product mindset, value streams, adaptive governance, agile funding; as well as techniques like big room planning, OKRs, and portfolio kanban.


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