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Leading an Agile Organization

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No matter what the future brings.


These 6 words are the heart of business agility - but they are also an invitation. Does your organization have the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve its purpose - no matter what the future brings?

What is Business Agility?


Business Agility is a set of organizational capabilities, behaviors, and ways of working that affords your business the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve its purpose. 


No Matter What the Future Brings.

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The Operating Model for Agile Organizations


The Domains of Business Agility is the defining cultural operating model for your organization consisting of 5 primary domains spanning 18 emergent business capabilities.

The combination of these domains and capabilities determines the current and continued effectiveness of your organization and are expressed through behaviors.


The Domains of Business Agility also offers a helpful guide to each step of the transformation process, from just starting out to maturity.


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