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For those at the pinnacle of their career, publishing a book is a great way to make a real impact on people and companies around the world. It helps assure your eminence and credibility while making a long-lasting and valuable contribution to the world.


If you are on this journey, we would be pleased to consider a proposal from you via the online from below. Please review our guidelines to find out if we are a match and, when submitting the form, share as much information as possible. 

What we publish…

BAI Press is an initiative of the Business Agility Institute and an imprint of Sntio Press.

Therefore, before submitting your work, it is especially important to understand what we publish. As a professional association, our focus is on the business agility industry and surrounding domains. As such, we are particularly interested in the following non-fiction themes:

Business agility
Business strategy
Leadership and management
Innovation and disruption
Employee engagement and humanizing companies
Growth mindsets and learning organizations

If your proposal doesn’t match, we will let you know in a timely manner so you can approach other publishers who might be interested. In general, we do not publish fiction and non-business related themes such as technology, lifestyle, or self-improvement.

Our unique publishing approach…

Before you start writing your proposal, you need to understand our unique publishing approach. Traditional publishing models are based on a percentage royalty model where the publisher owns the rights to the book and the author is paid a royalty (usually 10%) of every book sold. We like to do things a little different.

Like a traditional publisher, we will do everything necessary to turn your manuscript into a book. Peer-review, copyediting, typesetting, cover design, ISBN registration, and distribution. There is no cost to you for this. You are still responsible for delivering the final manuscript and ensuring that you have obtained permission for any third-party, copyrighted, material that you use.

Where we differ is what comes next. We will include the eBook in the Business Agility Library as a free download for our members while you will receive 80% of the profits of every book or eBook sold (e.g., on Amazon or Kindle). Check out our plain-language (template) publishing contract.

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Your proposal…

The proposal needs to contain all the information our editorial board needs to consider before agreeing to publish your book. It is best to prepare all the information before you submit. At the same time, the best advice is always; keep it simple.


Your submission needs to cover three key areas: about you, about the book, and about your audience.

About you

Tell us about yourself; your experiences, your background, and your passion. Why did you write this book? How are you an authority on this topic? We’ll also be asking some basic demographic and connection information; the privacy of which is covered by our privacy policy.

About the book

Tell us about the book itself, starting with the basics (title, table of contents, etc). Then going into detail. What are the key takeaways? Do you reference real examples (people or companies) and, if so, who? What’s new in your book compared to others in the market? 

About the Audience

Finally, tell us about your ideal reader. Who are they? Is this an untapped market or a new perspective for them? Is there a secondary market for this book? Are there any specific professional associations that need your book?

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