Who's it For...

The short answer? The Business Agility Profile™ is for every organization.


Designed to deliver a clear, actionable snapshot of your organization’s key capabilities and behaviors, the Business Agility Profile™ is a key mechanism for sustainable growth — whether your organization is new to the journey, knee-deep in the process, or as agile as it gets.

Born with Agility


“We’ve been agile since Day 1, but …”

What can the profile tell you that you don’t already know?

Things have been working well, so how do you ensure they keep working well into the future? Business Agility is an ongoing growth process that needs investment and attention — even when it feels like it’s hard-wired into your organizational culture.

The Business Agility Profile™ delivers a clear, detailed analysis of what behaviors and capabilities are supporting agility in your organization, as well as which ones are subtly (or not-so-subtly) eroding your forward momentum.

Is this you?

  • You're committed to continuous improvement but don't know where to focus next
  • You’re proud of the organization you’ve co-created and don’t want to lose its culture
  • You’re growing fast — and you want to keep all the good stuff that got you here

Why you need a Business Agility Profile™:

The Business Agility Profile™ provides you with data-driven insights into why your organization is working well so that you can strategically invest in maintaining the best of what you have — while fully tapping into your enormous growth potential.


Are You Ready to Grow Without Losing Your Natural, Instinctive Agility?


How it Works

Agility in Progress


You’ve been on the journey toward agility for a while. You’ve been around the block. You’ve invested in the coaching, implemented new activities and processes, and opened the door for transformation.

What can the profile tell you that you don’t already know?

  • Insights that will give you the highest-impact next step
  • A clear sense of how sustainable your current approach to agility is
  • Laser-sharp focus on the capabilities and behaviors that will bring the most value

Is this you?

  • Your organization has a lifetime ahead of it, but it’s calcifying into “business as usual”
  • You’ve developed some great new practices, but you don’t know what’s next
  • You want to feel inspired again — and long to get stuff done without all the bureaucracy

Why you need a Business Agility Profile™:

The Business Agility Profile™ is designed to illuminate exactly where you are in your agility journey so that you can strategically invest in the right next steps. When you’ve come this far, it’s more important than ever to keep momentum going.


Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Strategic Investment with Real, Independent Information?


How it Works

New to Agility


No matter the size of your organization, business agility brings your people, your systems, and your processes together to deliver value to your customers in a fast-paced marketplace where disruption is the norm.

Now is the time for a Business Agility Profile™ — to guide your journey, right from the start.

Is This You?

  • You’re ready to embrace a faster, more flexible workplace but don’t know where to start
  • You want a culture of innovation and high performance, but real change feels out of reach
  • You want to invest strategically, but it’s hard to see the whole system and know what to do

Why you need a Business Agility Profile™:

The Business Agility Profile™ delivers a clear, actionable snapshot of your organizational capabilities and behaviors — both your innate strengths and your opportunities for improvement.

It is a trusted source of independent information about where your organization is right now and what steps it needs to take to cultivate an agile culture — no matter how long you’ve been in business or how big you’ve grown.


Are you ready for real information to guide strategic change?


How it Works


In addition to gaining access to fiercely independent, cutting-edge research and advocacy around business agility, membership includes one free profile each year!


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