On The Learning Path


BAM Bangalore organized their third gathering on February 16. Similarly to the previous two gatherings of BAM Bangalore, two topics were shortlisted by the participants for discussion during the third gathering.

The organizers wanted the third gathering to be quite different than the previous two. The idea of going back to the basics, without any power point presentation, with the help of flipcharts and drawing/writing in a free-flowing talk was floated. The speakers agreed instinctively and we decided that the idea is worth a shot.

Accordingly, the seating arrangements were made little different this time. We moved out of the presentation room and into an open-hall. With flipcharts and whiteboards, the creativity of the speakers unfolded. The participants liked the newness very much, and the community decided to continue with this approach for the next gathering as well.

The 40 minute, lively discussion on “Continuous Product Discovery and Business Agility” was lead by Jayaprakash Puttaswamy. Different viewpoints poured in from the audience that consisted of seasoned agile coaches, sales professionals and product management professionals. Another speaker, Praveen D, is from the manufacturing industry and he spoke on “Lessons from Lean Manufacturing." The speaker started humbly with focus on Lean principles, and later introduced ‘Training Within Industry’ that has benefited several manufacturing industries worldwide. As majority of the audience were the from software industry, which is quite normal in India’s silicon valley, discussion was consumed by drawing parallels in software industry.

The BAM Bengaluru community have launched a YouTube channel! You can access it here. All the discussions from past meetups have been uploaded in this channel. The BAM Bengaluru community would be glad if these videos reach other BAM communities and Business Agility enthusiasts across the world!

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