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BAI News & Announcements

Contribute to the Business Agility Report

We just opened the survey for the 2022 business agility report. It would be great to get your (anonymised) insights. It will take about 10-15 minutes and you will see how your organization measures up to the Domains of Business Agility.


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Get Your Business Agility Conference Supporter Tickets

With the 2022 Business Agility Conference behind us, we're turning our focus to the 2023 event. We're expanding to 3-days (April 26-28 in NYC and virtual) with more of the stories and connections that make this an amazing experience. We have released a limited number of heavily-discounted tickets for our supporters.


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Membership Pricing is Changing

At the end of June, we will be reverting to the pre-pandemic price for individual membership ($95 per year). If you are not an individual member today and would like to show your support for the Business Agility Institute (and get unlimited access to all the articles, stories, research, and books in the library), make sure you signup before the price changes. 


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Publish your book with BAI Press

For those at the pinnacle of their career, publishing a book is a great way to make a real impact on people and companies around the world. It helps assure your eminence and credibility while making a long-lasting and valuable contribution to the world.


If you are on this journey, we would be pleased to consider a proposal from you via the online from below. Please review our guidelines to find out if we are a match and, when submitting the form, share as much information as possible.