NCR's First BAM invited Requisite Agility Expert


On September 23, 2018, BAM invited Requisite Agility Coach and expert Dr. Janne J. Korhonen. His workshop titled “Measure Beyond Agile” [MBA] was held at Mockspaze Solutions venue in Gurgaon, near New Delhi, and was attended by 15 meetup members. The MBA approach to organizational diagnostics pertains to a broader notion of Requisite Agility – a systemic and structured approach to organizing for agility.

The facilitator of the workshop, Dr. Janne J. Korhonen, started the workshop by discussing how the very nature of change is changing and how today’s turbulent environment calls for ongoing organizational adaptation and resilience in the face of unpredictable exogenous shocks. After reviewing the tenets of agile development, he then argued that Agile Enterprise exceeds the mere scaling up of agile development and needs to be considered along multiple fundamental dimensions of the organization.

In the second part of the workshop, Dr. Korhonen put forward the notion of Agility Logics. These logics are systemic and coherent ways in which the organization responds to progressively more complex external change. They range from the most rudimentary discrete–elementary logic that is applicable only in an unchanging (and thus theoretical) environment to the ecosystem–agile logic that enables responses in a turbulent environment. He concluded the session by introducing the MBA diagnostics survey, which the participants got to try out. The full presentation material of the workshop can be found here.

The workshop was unique and first of it's kind and very well received by the audience. It gave a tool to coaches for the solutions to the problem that traditional Agile doesn't offer (pun intended).