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  1. Belief: We volunteer our time because we believe in the mission of the event
  2. Respect: We will respect the time & effort of our fellow organisers
  3. Commit: We will, to the best of our ability, commit to the time needed to create a fantastic event
  4. Quality: We will help ensure that the event flows smoothly and the programme is fair, interesting, valuable, diverse and unbiased
  5. Value: We will help participants to extract value from the event by encouraging interaction, networking, learning and sharing
  6. Collaborate: We will regularly communicate with our fellow organisers and share the workload wherever possible
  7. Innovate: We actively seek new ideas for the event whether from participant feedback or wider afield and have the honesty & courage to challenge old ideas
  8. Safety: We will abide by the event code of conduct and promote a safe and open environment for all participants and organisers
  9. Make it Awesome: We will strive to delight our participants, have fun with our fellow organisers, and create value for our partners