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Worldwide Growth of Agile Marketing Tracked with Launch of Podcasts from Brazil, Japan, and the Netherlands

John Cass

May 12, 2020


4 senior marketers from Brazil, Japan and the Netherlands discussed the value and growth of agile marketing in each of their countries with podcaster and agile marketer, John Cass of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States.

The series of podcasts launch a network of podcasts around the world and will help to explain the value of agile for marketing in each country, plus how that value works in different ways depending upon the history and culture of marketing given each specific context.

Highlighted in the 2012 conference where marketers created the Agile Marketing manifesto, Agile Marketing enables marketers to do the following: “We are discovering better ways of creating value for our customers and for our organizations through new approaches to marketing.” [Consensus of marketers at SprintZero 2012 Conference in San Francisco when discussing the Agile Marketing Manifesto].

Each interview with each marketer from different countries represents a different stage of development in agile marketing. The United States and the Netherlands have been practicing agile marketing for over ten years, whilst Brazil and Japan are still in an early stage of Agile Marketing deployment.

John Cass interviewed 3 leading experts on agile marketing in each of their markets:

  • Andre Felippa, an experienced CMO in Brazil, currently helping companies of all sorts to implement Agile Marketing.
  • Naoya Segawa for Japan, an ICAgile authorized instructor based in Denmark, who picks up Agile Marketing in Europe and takes the practice back to Japan. Naoya introduces Nobuyoshi Adachi, a SVP of a digital ad agency in Tokyo, helping Japanese organizations and their marketing to obtain agility.
  • Adrie Dolman MSc from the Netherlands, famous for starting the database marketing revolution in the Netherlands in 1989. He has over 10 years experience providing Agile Marketing and Business Agility coaching. Adrie is also author of the Dutch book on Agile Marketing, nominated for the Marketing Book of the Year and the Marketing Literature Prize.

Andre Felippa (English)

Andre Felippa (Portuguese)

Naoya Segawa and Nobuyoshi Adachi

Adrie Dolman

The Business Agility Institute Podcast Network

The release of the three interviews also marks the launch of the Business Agility Institute Podcast Network. What began as an effort to expand the "Deep Dive into Agile Marketing" podcast beyond North America turned into the beginnings of the network as agilists from around the world have contributed their own stories, insights, and lessons learned in order to paint a rich picture of what business agility looks like in different cultural contexts. While the first iteration has largely been focused on agile marketing, we have plans in the works to include shows focused on all business functions. Check out a few of our newest episodes from Naoya Segawa and Adrie Dolman:

Episode 1: Agile Marketing in Japan in the Age of COVID-19

Episode 2: Innovation in the Netherlands (English)

Episode 2: Innovation in the Netherlands (Dutch)

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